The connection between Addiction and bad habit


Habit means a routine or a work done regularly, and a bad habit is also a routine work that we do, but we don’t want to do it. The connection between addiction and bad habit is a example of smoking. Smoking is a bad habit because we all know it is very dangerous for our health, but we do it. Realizing its harm, we want to overcome this habit or skip it, but we can’t do that because it is not as simple as it seems. We thought of bringing it down, but we cannot refuse the offer of smoking made by our friends. That becomes a bad habit.

 A watch in the man's hand and many coins and sigurets in aasstry for avoiding the bad habit

This habit is developed for enjoyment in a person. At the start, the man takes it easy and adapts a bad practice for his entertainment, but with time this bad habit leaves a deep impact on the man. Not all the bad habits become extreme or look dangerous. But they are the things to avoid, like biting the nails with teeth is a bad habit. Smoking is an even worse habit, and drinking alcohol is the worst. Man wants to ignore the bad habit, but he can’t do that because now it has become an extreme situation for him to get rid of. Now that bad habit is turned into an Addiction.

Aman brak a sigrut in to pieces for  avoiding the bad habit

An addicted person finds it very tough to skip the bad habit. It becomes a matter of life for him. you keeps on doing such activities because he takes these habits as the source of his life. He thinks he would die without these things. He knows these bad habits are destroying his body, but he still keeps doing that thing. Addiction takes a long period to develop. Addiction is a bad habit that turns into an addiction. People have the time to save themselves from developing a certain addiction. The connection between addiction and bad habit relation is like the relation btween life and death.

Moving from pleasure and enjoyment to an unbearable situation takes months or a year. The first time, you would take something for fun. You will feel good and want to do it again. You will try it for the second time because you have tasted it and found it good. Like alcohol, you drink alcohol first time for entertainment. we do it again because you see that your friends are also doing this. i keep on drinking in their company, and you enjoy it. You will do it again and again for your pleasure.

You are developing a bad habit in your entertainment. In a single month, you will adopt a bad habit. You will drink because it has become your routine to drink. You would not want to skip this bad habit. After some time, it will become an addiction for you. You could not live without drinking. You will feel uncomfortable without consuming. It will create an extreme situation. You will think that you will die if you do not drink for a single day. That is the all about the Addiction.

We all have some bad habits developed in us. If a person denies that truth, it will be a white lie. We all are the man, and we cannot refuse that truth. Even biting the nails with our teeth is also a bad habit. We can avoid these bad habits with a little effort.

We can change our routine by ignoring these bad things. Like the above example, if we give a nail cutter to the man who bites nails with his teeth, he can evade that bad habit off his.

This biting habit is not good and can be changed if we provide a guideline to that person. We can avoid smoking if we use its alternative like E-cigarette etc. We can prevent ourselves from these bad habits by ignoring the triggered situation. Trigger-like the problem is the time when you extremely do a bad thing. Like in the smoking trigger situation, for some people, it will be the company of their friends, while for others it will be the time after a meal.

A person who wants to get rid of these bad habits should avoid this triggered situation. He should keep control of himself. He should have the power to refuse the offer of the bad thing made by other people. If he does it, he will be the man to change its habits. But if he loses control of himself and accepts friends’ offers, it will be most difficult for him to get rid of this habit. He is going to be addicted to that thing. Once he gets addicted, he will lose his power to live without that thing.

a man close the mouth wiht  his hand for bad habits

In smoking addiction, people look in an extreme situation. They behave oddly. They don’t look normal. Smoking affects its nerves. What he was taking for his pleasure had become compulsory for his life. He finds the whole world useless without smoking. Smoking impacts deeply on his state of mind. He looks to fight with others if he doesn’t smoke for the entire day. Without smoking, we can imagine his situation where he starts biting his own body. He seems to die without smoking. Some people want to change their habits when they see the state of the addicted person. Some people change very quickly. They even try not to do the bad activity a single time too. If they do so, it will be good for them. The connection between addiction and bad habit is very close.

Bad habits change the life of the people. They want not to be addicted, you should try to live your life on a tension-free note so that you may not feel a lack that addicted thing. Usually, people adopt such bad habits when they are free. The people are kept busy with their duties, they will not have the time to do such a bad thing. people must be given proper responsibilities so that they may not indulge in these types of activities. The batter option is to avoid drug.

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