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Discord Won’t Open? Here is how you can fix

If you are worried that Discord Won’t Open? then do not worry, we are here to explain it. Discord is an effortless way to communicate over voice, text, and video. You can chat, calls, and have fun with your friends, family, and communities. Unfortunately, the discord app remains robust, and you can’t run with it if it has any issues. As you see, your discord app is not opening, and you desire to talk with your friends, what should you do then? You might have closed it the same day and check out the next day, and it may stop working. In some cases, your app runs, but you would not get the app window to open.

On the other hand that Discord is available for macOS, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and other operating systems; so, anyone can use it on a wide range. With this app window, you can invite friends to build a strong gaming community. This app was built in 2015 for the gaming community, and it has many more outstanding features. —for instance, security, file sharing, video bots, and video conferring. Moreover, Discord provides built-in DDos protection and keeps IP addresses safe.

What discord do?

It also helps users to send voice messages, images, and videos to clients, users, or servers. This thing makes it an excellent and reliable platform for great communications. But sometimes, when you are trying to perform the windows Discord VOIP application, it does not work even after double-clicking on the performable file. So, it does not work during the process, and then you can reopen or shut down your system. After reopen you try to log in to your id but fails. However, there might be many reasons behind this; it may be due to overloading the cache files or another program running parallel in the background.

Suppose if you are new to Discord and looking for essential tips about this app then, below we will help you to solve the various issues related to discord software, and I will also define that why Discord won’t open here? How can you fix it?

Close All Discard Services and Relaunch if (Discord Won’t Open?)

Sometimes, a previous session remains open in the background. Therefore, You will not be able to close all discard services. To overcome this issue, you need to complete every persistent service. Those are linking with discord applications. Below some essential tips are given; these will help to complete this process.

  • You can type ctrl+ Alt+ Del on the keyboard there, and you will get the task manager.
Discord Won’t Open?
  • You will get the task manager.
  • After getting the task manager, with the help of right-clicking on the taskbar that will available at the bottom of your system’s screen, select the task manager from the available list.
  • Find the discord app under the application tab and other related services related to discarding.
  • Please select the exemplary service one by one and press the end task to discontinue their operation.
  • In the end, close the task manager after discontinuing.
  • Restart the system for better output.

Set the Correct Time on Your pc Automatically

Here you will read a quick review to overcome the problem of Discord won’t open error.

Discord Won’t Open?
  • Just follow the simple steps to complete this process below.
  • First, click the right on press widows + I together.
  • Select the time and date option.
  • Just click on the clock for setting.
  • Then select the time and turn on the toggle button.
  • Then you will be able to rerun the discord app after installing it.

Beginners did not know this setting because the manual location of the time and date interferes with the discord application.

Disable Proxies

Many users try to use VPN to hide their identification. But Discord is not like a VPN. It is different and cannot create any issue while running the discord application. Below are few steps to know the status of proxies or VPN that how you can disable them? First, go to the control panel and find the network.

  • On that page, you will find internal options.
  • After selecting the internet options, you will get internet properties.
  • There you will find LAN settings. Just press a click on it.
  • After pressing, you will see a section of the proxy server.
  • Just make sure that the option is to click or not.
  • Finally, click on the button ok.
  • Now you can run your discord application without any hassles.

Remove Malware

If you observe a user is spamming you with suspicious messages and other doubtful content, then block him or her and leave the server. It is the first step to get rid of discord malware. To overcome the problem of malware attacks, many users practice different antimalware software’s from the internet. They perform well but fail due to unawareness of discord settings. As a result, they face many problems.

 Usually, Discord won’t open a big issue for many users, but it is not the, Now let us know how to remove malware? First, download this software from the internet and install it on the track. After installing, you will face no threat. Hopefully, this will remove every danger.

Update Discord if Discord Won’t Open?

The users always try to find the latest version of updating like other applications. In some cases, developers also try to get the newest version of update discord for running efficiently with this app. Surely you will need the latest version for smooth working. Follow the few steps to get the latest version for update discord.

  • First of all, open your internet browser.
  • Go to the official website of Discord.
  • Check the available version and select the right one.
  • If you like any latest versions, then download and install on your pc.
  • Indeed, it will work very well and solve your problems.
  • Log in to the Discord Browser App in your system without any hassle.

If you have a mobile or desktop device, you can directly open the Discord app on your device. Find the login page, type your phone number or email address. One more important thing you will need to verify your email or phone number to your discord account before using the number or email login. Then it will require a password, check the accuracy of login details, and press the enter button. It will resolve the application opening issue in no time. Now you are free to enjoy the chat or video calls with your friends.

Delete Local App Data if Discord Won’t Open?

Sometimes the app doesn’t work correctly, even after reinstalling the application. Then you have to delete the local app data, and hopefully, it is fruitful. For performing this technique, below, you can read a quick review.

  • Press the windows and R button for accessing to run box.
  • Type on the app data and press enter.
  • Find the Discord and delete the file.
  • For saving and resetting the app data restart your system.

All these primarily work, especially for uninstalling and reinstalling the Discord but without success in solving the problem.

Uninstall & Reinstall Discord

It does not matter which technical problem you are facing with the discord app. If you are so worried about it, uninstall your app and reinstall. I hope after installing you will face no problem. You can handle it in two ways.

 Step 1

  • First of all, go to the panel.
  • Find the discord app.
  • Or stop running.
  • Select the task manager.
  • Check the process is being or not.
  • If it has any issue, then close the app.
  • Or click on the uninstall to start the removal.

Step 2

After uninstalling and removal of app data: further, reinstall the application through these techniques. Then, Go to a web browser and visit the official website of Discord. And go to the download section. Select the newest version for download. After downloading, press the click button on the executable Discord set up. Read the given instruction and follow them. Now you can run your app.

DNS Reset

Sometimes users operate the Discord in the beginning, but it creates problems for them. Then just for exampleDNS, settings might have some issues.  To overcome these issues, you have to go for the resetting of DNS configuration with the help of flushing DNS. Then, follow few steps and complete the process with some clicks.

  • Open the start Manu.
  • Inter CMD into the text box and hit the enter key.
  • You will get a command prompt window; on-screen, type ipconfig/flushness’ and hit the Enter key again.
  •  You can wait for the completion of the process and exit the quick command window. All these steps

How to recover the corrupted files? If Discord Won’t Open?

Sometimes Discord uses different files to run smoothly. Suppose if any file from the application is missing. Then it will restrict the app from opening. You can try to fix the missing app problems by analyzing the system. However, If the app has some files,  it will never allow you to go ahead. To overcome this issue, you have to scan your system to help you to find or locate the corrupted or missing files in no time. Below are the steps to perform the scan and resolve the issues.

  • Go on the start menu.
  • Find the search box and type on it.
  • Get the CMD icon.
  • Then press the on scan. It will take no time to complete the scanning process.
  • After completion, restart your system.

After completion, the command prompt will provide you a list of missing files along with their repaired actions. Hopefully, this technique will work smoothly.

Bottom Line

In the end, I hope that this article was able to help you fix the Discord won’t open an error on windows. The discord app is a free application used to chat online and a worthy competitor to applications such as server, tutor, skype. It has many features, including; audio and video calls, voice messages, file sharing and embeds media, public and private servers, and many more options. It is only a source of communication with friends and family. Moreover, everyone can take benefit from Discord without tackling any issue.

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